1) Scalable efficiency

Demand for whole-life vehicle services is growing. We’ve invested heavily in infrastructure, technologies and expertise to ensure we’re future fit. In the UK, seven dedicated sites boast capacity for over 250,000 vehicles annually while state-of-the-art facilities mean vehicles are processed efficiently, sustainably and swiftly. We also have expertise in handling EV and hybrid vehicles.

2) Protecting brand experience

We create ‘brand moments’ on behalf of our customers and it’s a responsibility we carry with pride. From the lasting impression we leave with an end of contract collection customer, to repairing a vehicle to rigorous OEM standards, we understand our customers’ brand values and mirror them in all we do.

3) Ease into mobility

Interest in mobility solutions is on the increase. And while the full vision of ‘Mobility as a Service’ might be some way off mainstream adoption, subscription services are gaining genuine traction. We’re helping our customers explore the potential of this new market segment through insights, trials and feasibility studies – generating income streams, today and tomorrow.

4) Protecting our planet

We care about the environment and the impacts of our activities. We have invested in technology that has a lesser impact on the environment than traditional equipment. Currently, our UK refurbishment centres are using 75% less energy, allowing us to provide CO2 offsetting figures for our customers, while water recycling capabilities help reduce consumption.

5) Quality and efficiency

Quality sits at the heart of our solutions. By staying at the forefront of technical services technology and operational workflow best practice, we ensure that we process vehicles in the optimum, timeframes, reducing costs and downtime for our clients. Our technology investments ensure clients benefit from real-time inventory management solutions that provide detailed data analytics and allow a seamless transfer.

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