1) Management

FleetMaster is an easy-to-use tool that makes it simple to manage multiple business units and partners in different locations. Running a fleet day-to-day requires a lot of data, so FleetMaster makes it easy to store information, collaborate, and share what’s important about your assets, customers, drivers, suppliers and documents.

2) Requests

FleetMaster helps you to seamlessly manage your customer requests and improve their satisfaction by making the process simple and easy. Once a request is made, FleetMaster helps you find the right vehicle asset for their needs based on your current fleet utilisation and calculates costs so you can offer a quote instantly.

3) Planning

FleetMaster can help improve your fleet’s efficiency. Automated daily processes and paperless workflows allow for smooth handovers, check-outs and check-ins while the digital signing of documents helps keep the process moving quickly. Use the built-in visual planning board to group by asset type, category or location and plan activities using this information with simple drag-and-drop functionality.

4) Costs

Keeping track of your fleet’s total cost and profitability can be difficult. With automated registration and charging of costs, notifications for maintenances and inspections and extensive reporting, cost management is easy with FleetMaster. Everything is managed in one place, so you can see all costs and revenues of your assets' life cycles, which are turned into a detailed overview including ROI.

5) Insights

FleetMaster’s built-in reporting provide key insights into your operations and allows you to improve workflows. Choose between a quick overview or more detailed reports to see how your fleet is performing and make more informed decisions on the fly. Flexible software integrations and operational widgets showcase data in a clear and concise manner whenever you need it.