Electric vehicles are expected to have a "great year" in 2023

Consumers embracing buying new EVs as a “virtual no-brainer.”

The adoption of EVs creates possibilities for the aftersales industry

Why the aftermarket is on the brink of a new era.

Chinese BEV OEMs eye Europe as a growth market

European OEMs can expect an increased from Chinese BEV manufacturers.

Dealer groups well placed to thrive in 2023

Zeus Capital, paints a complimentary picture of the four main UK dealer groups' performance during 2022.

Used car forecast points to a bumpy road to recovery

Cox Automotive has released its used car forecasts for the year.

Positivity in new car market, but volatility remains

Cox Automotive has released its new car forecasts for the year.

UK automotive: ‘is it heading out of the doldrums?’

Could UK automotive see an uptick in fortunes over the next twelve months?

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Mixed economy of electric vehicle charging presents infrastructure challenges

Keep customers first in the age of modern retailing

Why an omnichannel retail approach is so important.

New 2023 forecasts offer hope for stability in the used market

A period of stability is expected, which should see retailers through until at least 2024.

Cox Automotive revises 2023 new car market forecast to reflect global pressures