Vehicle transportation businesses are critical to the smooth running of the automotive retail industry, where getting vehicles from one place to another for a sale is critical to avoid empty forecourt spaces.

However, the right type of work can be difficult to achieve for logistics providers; they must consider volume, timescales, and liaise with several individual dealerships to achieve the best price or fill the spaces remaining on their transporters; this can be frustrating and time consuming. Movex offers to take this headache away and match vehicle transport providers with the right jobs from a pool of dealerships, helping you generate more work and maximise efficiencies. Here’s how:

1) We provide the largest pool of potential customers

Marketing your transport business is not easy; it must be constant, requires consistent investment and even then, there is rarely any guarantee that it will quickly lead to new business. What if, instead, you already knew where your customers were? What if they put their work requests into one place and all you had to do was come along and bid for it?

There are more than 7,000 members using the Movex platform to advertise their logistics jobs every single day. Nowhere else is it possible to access a constant flow of potential work with accurate job information. Suppliers simply scroll through the daily list of jobs, select those that are most convenient and bid for the work through the platform – it’s that easy!

2) Backload functionality maximises transporter capacity

Can Movex help make your vehicle logistics company more efficient, timely and cut down your environmental impact – all at the same time? The answer is, yes, we can!

As well as helping drivers to reduce the number of transporters moving around the country empty, which is inefficient as well as environmentally costly, the Movex platform’s backload functionality allows transport providers to fill empty slots on transporters. Since the platform has visibility of several driver journeys through a single pane, we can match providers with deliveries that complement their return journeys.

This not only improves the efficiency of your operations, but also allows you to deliver more competitive pricing and faster turnaround times to customers. The customer gets a fantastic price for moving their vehicle across the country, and you maximise the earning potential of your drivers.

3) Faster payments means no more chasing and waiting

Time spent chasing up customer payments is not only time consuming, but expensive too, when you consider that team members could be working on more valuable tasks. That’s why the Movex platform promises to pay suppliers within four business days of completing a job.

That’s not bad considering that most of our dealerships are on 30-day, 60-day or even longer payment terms with us. We believe it’s important that all our drivers are paid for every job they complete promptly, with integrated billing. This means cash flow is no longer a problem.

4) Free marketing

There’s no better form of marketing than a word-of-mouth recommendation – and that’s exactly what Movex suppliers can achieve. Users of the platform have the ability to view the profile of all delivery companies and are able to view your level of insurance cover, read and leave feedback and ratings, which can help enhance your chances of winning the next job you bid for.

This can help improve the reputation of your transport business, by building trust in relationships between logistics companies and dealers. In addition to this, tracking for all vehicles lets customers keep an eye on their assets from collection to delivery from any device.

5) Instant access to customers

Movex matches customers to transport suppliers and with the Movex app, we help you become even more connected. Our app enables instant communication between the transport provider and the customer, through email and SMS alerts. This means that you’re able to provide instant updates to customers about the progress of their deliveries, without the need for time consuming phone calls and emails – because it all happens automatically while you’re out on the road completing jobs.

This is yet another way Movex helps you build trust and ensures your customers don’t suffer from any nasty surprises.

Sounds good? Sign up your transport company to the Movex platform, by clicking here.