In these days of fast-moving stock, a dealer’s ability to rapidly collect or dispatch a vehicle can mean the difference between having an asset on sale or an empty space.

However, dealing with multiple transport companies, each with their own contracts and individual terms and conditions can be a hassle, and vehicle logistics can easily become a hidden cost within a dealership. Then there’s the visibility aspect – not every transport provider is able to provide complete visibility over the location and expected delivery time of a vehicle and, with demand for vehicles so high, the last thing you want in your dealership is an empty forecourt space.

Control and Convenience

Control and convenience are both essential to a smooth and seamless vehicle logistics provision – and this is where we come in at Movex. Customers who need a vehicle moved simply upload their requirements to our online platform, where networks of approved transport providers are then able to submit quotes for the job. Each provider can provide dealerships with real-time data, tracking vehicles from collection point to delivery, with real-time ETAs, so you always know when to expect your vehicle. Furthermore, because our professional transport providers are bidding for your business, Movex users can achieve cost savings compared to sourcing transport the traditional way.

Movex has been giving franchised dealerships control and convenience over vehicle logistics for years. Here are just five ways we are helping dealerships get a grip over vehicle movements…

5. Due diligence for a reliable service – every time

Sourcing multiple transport providers is time consuming and tricky; you have to scroll through various terms and conditions, carry out checks pertaining to insurance cover, Modern Slavery rules, Right to Work etc. At Movex, we do all this for you – regularly. We monitor all insurance renewal dates as a benchmark to repeat our due diligence checks – and because you can read reviews of all our suppliers through the Movex platform, you can be confident you are always being matched with the right option for you. The result is a delivery provider you can trust, sourced quickly and conveniently, allowing you to get on with other, more critical business tasks.

4. An easy-to-use app

At Movex, our business focus is to provide greater convenience to dealerships, which is why we launched our new Movex app earlier this year. With the Movex app, you have access to over 450 transport providers at your fingertips—24/7, 365 days a year. We’ve created the app with ease-of-use in mind; that means an intuitive design and simple controls that make it possible to browse quotes and make bookings in under a minute. Dealers can also browse provider ratings to inform their decision making.

3. Real-time data

The ability to give dealerships greater control over their vehicle movements means our customers become more efficient, productive and maximise vehicle sales opportunities. Movex provides a wealth of data throughout the platform to enable this efficiency.

The data we collect, together with the Movex platform, provides particular benefits for franchised or multiple rooftop dealerships because it gives head office teams complete visibility of all vehicle movements throughout their networks. Movex enables centralised teams to aggregate their current suppliers, easily add new or additional suppliers, and get a single view of all quotes and financial information. This data can be used to measure and monitor supplier performance, removing the need to impose a national supplier or try to manage multiple local transport pools at the same time.

2. Every job finds a home

With Movex, your vehicle job will be picked up. How can we guarantee this? We have a minimum time on site standard. If a job is not picked up within a certain period, it will be picked up by our specialist team of brokers who will proactively call our supplier network to sell the job in. They’ll also liaise with the dealership to understand possible pick-up times and delivery estimates according to driver routes, based on Movex data.

1. We’re all more sustainable

Sustainability has become a major business priority in the past few years and Movex helps here too. To reduce the number of transporters moving around the country empty, which is inefficient as well as environmentally costly, the Movex platform’s unique backload functionality allows transport providers to fill empty slots on transporters or return journeys for trade plate drivers. This not only improves the efficiency of the provider’s operations but also allows them to deliver more competitive pricing and faster turnaround times to dealerships.

Impressed? You can sign your dealership up to the Movex platform here.