Lucy has had a long and varied career at Cox Automotive, featuring a variety of roles before finding her passion for data and securing a role in the technology team. Her story encapsulates what ‘Careers at Cox Automotive’ stands for – continual improvement, discovering new talents, and forging a career to be proud of. 

Lucy Nairn, Business Intelligence Analyst

Hi Lucy! We appreciate you taking the time to speak to us today. To kick us off, why not tell us a bit about yourself and where you’re located? 

LN: Sure, although I always find these types of questions the hardest! I’m currently in Pontefract in West Yorkshire where I live with my wife. We recently got married and we have a four-year-old son named Arthur. Between work, my wife, my son, housework, and my pets (two dogs, one cat and seven fish!) it’s difficult to find time for hobbies, but when I can I love to go on family trips. I’m also partial to the odd murder mystery night and I turn on the Xbox for some gaming when I can, although that’s gathering a lot of dust these days. 


It sounds like you’ve got your hands full there, and somehow you manage to squeeze work in! Can you tell us a bit about your current role?  

LN: I currently work in Data Services as a Business Intelligence Analyst. Alongside my colleague, we provide reporting for the entire suite of Cox Automotive products and services. My main area of focus is reporting for Manheim as I have a lot of experience in that world from previous roles. 


You mentioned Manheim just then, it sounds like you’ve had quite career journey to get to where you are today? 

LN: Yes, I joined the company in 2013, so coming up to my ten-year anniversary. I’ve had all sorts of roles in that time. Most of my career has been as part of our Manheim business where I gained valuable insight into how vehicle auctions work. I started in a telemarketing team, working with franchised dealers to promote the sales, before moving on to become a Buyer Services Assistant at Manheim Leeds. I then worked as a system tester as we rolled out Salesforce across the business. Getting to understand the inner workings of that system is where my data journey really began. Following that I moved back to manage the telemarketing team that I started in, where I became known as the ‘data person’ within part of the sales function.  

Eventually I discovered the apprenticeship programme which included a data analyst course. It was a big decision to step away from my sales background and dive head-first into the world of data but I’m so glad I did. Mid-way through my apprenticeship I secured my first tech role as a BI Analyst which I’ve been in for three years now. 


What does a typical day as a Business Intelligence Analyst looks like? 

LN: We work off a ticketing system from emails we receive. So, a typical day starts with logging in to see what new tickets have been created. These can be anything from requesting a new report, through to fixing bugs and system training to larger projects. Our priority order depends on how business-critical it is, but with the size of the business it can get busy. 


Your journey is a perfect example of what ‘Careers at Cox Automotive’ means, would you agree? 

LN: Absolutely! My career so far is a testament to the type of company Cox Automotive is. It’s a place where you can really forge your own career path and try new things. Whether that be through an apprenticeship like I did, or through training.  

From day one, the business supports you. Of course, you can develop your career here, but there’s so much more, from wellbeing and mental health support, great benefits and rewards, flexible working, you name it. When I talk to my friends about it, they all say they would love to work here. It gives me a great sense of pride. 


A minute ago, you mentioned discovering your love for data, was that what made you want to pursue a career in the technology team? 

LN: Yes, it was. For a long time I didn’t know that I loved working with data. But the opportunities that the company provided me led to discover that passion. From there, it seemed a natural fit to move into the technology team, and of course the business provided all the foundations I needed to get there.  


Finally, what advice would you give to someone who is interested in pursuing a career in technology? 

LN: First of all, I’d say do it. The opportunities to grow are endless, and the people and support you’ll receive along the way is unparallel. Tech is the future; it supports every industry, and it’s a great time to be part of it.  

Secondly, I’d say it’s never too late. I was never particularly book smart and as a kid I would never have dreamed I would end up in a technology role. I’ve always been more of a hands-on learner, in fact, I left school on a Friday and started full time work the following Monday. These days there are so many ways to learn the skills you need to get tech, so if you’re determined and put in the hard work you’ll get there.  


Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day Lucy! It was great to find out more about you. 

LN: No problem at all. 


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