Cox Automotive is inviting drivers to get into the festive spirit and ‘deer to dream’ this Christmas.

The company has developed reindeerpower (RP), a new power measurement unit to replace the traditional horsepower (HP) measurement for the festive period. From December 13th, car owners who visit Cox Automotive’s new online converter can find out how much reindeerpower their own vehicle boasts.

The converter was specially developed by more than 150 of Santa’s enchanted Elves who slaved over the summer months to crack the formula in time for the busy festive season.

To convert their vehicle’s power rating, drivers simply need to visit and enter their vehicle’s horsepower figure. The powerful converter instantly will tell them what their vehicle’s power output would be if it pulled by Rudolph himself. 
Visitors can download their very own #ReindeerPower photo to share on social media and challenge their contemporaries to discover their car’s festive power potential.
Laura Lunn, Marketing Director of Cox Automotive Europe said: “For too long, horsepower has been the main measurement of a car’s capability. But this is reindeer season!
“So, with the help of Santa and his brainiest elves, we’ve worked out how to convert horsepower into reindeerpower and launched a website so everyone can check their own vehicle’s festive power output. Plus we’ve made it super easy for people to share their findings with their friends and colleagues. They can even to create a picture of their pride and joy stamped with its new power rating. We hope everyone enjoys discovering their car’s true potential this Christmas!”

Cox Automotive Reindeer Power 

Fun facts:

  • The Koenigsegg Regara, the most powerful production car on sale today, boasts 1,479 HP – or 2,662 RP
    The DMC DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future boasts a 235 RP V6 engine in addition to its 1.21 gigawatt flux capacitor
  • Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes-AMG F1 W12 E Performance Formula One car generates 1,890 RP, or 1,050 HP in traditional terms
  • The cheapest new car currently on sale in the UK, the Dacia Sandero, is propelled by a humble 64HP – or 115 RP - three-cylinder, 1.0- litre petrol engine
  • The Tesla Model 3 – the world’s best-selling electric vehicle – has a 165kW motor, which converts to 397RP for the festive season