Makes funding simple

A thriving dealer sector is key to the used vehicle ecosystem. That’s why since 2014, we’ve been making it easier for dealers to buy the stock they need, from the sources they like, through the channels they choose. In that time, we’ve funded over £4 billion of vehicles on forecourts the length and breadth of the UK and Ireland.

Fuels profitable growth

Funding is an enabler. Giving a dealer the ability to buy more stock fuels growth. It frees up cash to invest in their business in other ways - facilities, marketing or people for example. Some dealers use it to diversify, some specialise, others expand. Either way, the effect can be transformational.

Freedom of movement

Too many funding products come bundled with compromise. We don’t like this. Our funding proposition is to make life fast, flexible and convenient. Not bureaucratic, captive and conditional. Fund 100% of hammer price or CAP Clean. Pay for stock in an instant at Manheim and Dealer Auction (naturally) but also 70+ independent auction and vendor direct sources.

Focused on dealer growth

Our funding proposition is delivered through NextGear Capital, an independently managed
business within the Cox Automotive family. Why? Because we think focus and neutrality is
important. Freedom from distraction, motivated by dealer growth. It’s a simple formula our customers tell us they love.

Tailored approach

We’re passionate about independent dealers but are here for franchised dealers too and understand both have unique funding requirements. That’s why in the UK and Ireland we have different stocking plans specifically designed to meet the unique needs of both independent and franchised dealers.


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