1) The market: forecasts and projections

In the past year, since our previous Insight Report, there has been a period of ongoing disruption in both the new and used car markets. Supply issues, long lead times, plant shutdowns, and a dearth of good quality used stock have driven up used car valuations and created a new level for the sector moving forward. In this section, we explore forecasts for the remainder of the year, the medium-term future, and also look at potential scenarios to 2030 and beyond.

2) Responsible vehicles: electric & beyond

Legislation and consumer demand are mandating the demise of the ICE vehicle, while technology is enabling vehicles that keep us safer than ever. This section focuses on electric and other alternatively fuelled vehicles in a global, European and UK context. We review infrastructure, consumer demand, legislation, vehicle servicing and the impact on the automotive retail sector.

3) The buyer behaviour revolution

Covid-19 has dramatically accelerated a change in consumer behaviours. Consumers expect a seamless experience, irrespective of the channels they choose. Vehicles must be visible and connected throughout every step of the journey. These changing buyer behaviours are fuelling a revolution in retailing. This section will investigate the showroom of the future, fintech innovation, the self-serve supply chain, and B2B retail solutions.

4) Connectivity & the migration to mobility

More customers are choosing to use vehicles rather than own them. There are already cultural differences around vehicle ownership on a global level. In this section, we explore how fleet operators and mobility providers are looking at opportunities to evolve and create new subscription-based, flexible ownership, and multi-user solutions while maintaining established commercial models alongside.

5) A leaner, stronger wholesale ecosystem

More is expected – and needed – from the automotive supply chain, from digitalisation that drives efficiencies and enables new opportunities to sustainable practices and vertical integration. In this section, we outline the end-to-end, upstream and downstream opportunities for innovation, plus share examples of best practice.